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The Barbi ancestors lived in Mirandola, Italy, just north of Bologna, and emigrated on ships from Bologna and Genoa, Italy, in 1891 and 1898.  When they arrived in New York City, through Ellis Island, they initially lived in Greenwich Villiage, and Long Island City.  In the middle of the 20th century, they moved to New Jersey, and Queens County, NY.

US Army Veterenary Hospital, Mirandola, Italy 1945 Mirandola, Italy, City Center, 2014 Mirandola, Italy, Street Scene, 2014 Mirandola, Italy, Market, 2014
Washington Square Arch, Greenwich Village, NY 1930 Crowds Outside St Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, 1904 New York City, 2014 New York Stock Exchange, 2014

The Koenig ancestors lived in Budapest, Hungary, and emigrated on ships from Antwerp, Belgium, in 1904 and 1911.  When they arrived in New York City, through Ellis Island, they in lived in Manhattan's Upper East Side Yorkville Section, and in the middle of the 20th century moved to Queens County, NY; Los Angeles, California; and Westchester, NY.

Yorkville, NYC, Historic Society Picture from the Early 1900's Ring Street, Budapest, in late 1890's Crowd Gathered Around Toppled Statue in Budapest in 1956 Danube, River, Budapest, 2014
Elevated Train in NYC, 1920's Chrysler Building with Queens in Background, 2014 Budapest, 2014 Bikers in Budapest, 2005

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